The Best Restaurants In Buenos Aires – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

Much famed in the city are the restaurants in Buenos Aires, European cafes and traditional parrillas, serving some of the best steaks of the world. After a long halted culinary diversity in this otherwise cosmopolitan city recently a new buzz of restaurants in Buenos Aires offering Asian, the Middle Eastern and Latin American have come up.

restaurants in Buenos Aires

Often overlooked home-grown ingredients have redefined the Argentine cuisine by the local Chefs and is a rejoice for adventurous eaters.

So are you ready to enjoy best of restaurants in Buenos Aires cuisine reflecting its microcosm culture, blended with Italian flavours and other old world creating a truly unique taste.


Address – José Antonio Cabrera 5621, C1414BHE CABA, Argentina

A newcomer in Palermo is and a hotspot for the coterie of socialites, models, and actors is Lusitano. Inspired by Old Portuguese colonies, comprising antiques from the personal collection of owner Martín Pacanowski forms the elegant interiors of the restaurant.

The 15th century framed prints and furnishings from the Georgian, Regency, and Louis XV periods add to the charm of the place. Heavily influenced by French cuisine are the European dishes served by Chef Alejandro Tarditti and to compliment are the signature cocktails enhanced using ingredients like fennel and cardamom by bartender Ramiro Moisés.


Address – Aráoz 1676, C1414DQH CABA, Argentina

A rustic eatery tucked inside a mechanic shop is the most talked-about place in town. The result is of the two young chefs committed to serving high-quality ingredients matched by their mastery of fire cooking.

The meat dishes includes grilled artichokes with cashew cream and burnt lemon, or smoked sweet potato with kale, Patagonian blue cheese, and hazelnuts instead drawing crowds. The rough-hewn atmosphere plays a part in the restaurant’s success as critiqued by the locals “garage haute cuisine.”

Alo’s Bistro

Address – Blanco Encalada 2120, B1609 Boulogne, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in the upscale suburb of San Isidro getting here from downtown Buenos Aires is itself time taking but worth every trip you make. The epicures are ought to applaud Chef Alejandro Féraud’s obsessive dedication to freshness and delicate plating.

With everything handmade many of the vegetables and herbs come from a mini-farm behind the restaurant enhancing the taste. Reflecting in dishes like beef triangolini with mushrooms served in a miniature cocotte, and bacon-wrapped rabbit “chorizo” with squash, leeks, and garlic, is Féraud’s European training.

Sunae Asian Cantina

Address – Humboldt 1626, 1414CTP CABA, Argentina

Headed by American chef Christina Sunae, the eatery offers some of the best Far East fare in town. Embracing the lively ambiance of the restaurant are images of giant banana leaves covering the walls, woven lanterns and red bistro chairs.

Some of the top choices in the menu come all the way from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. The pad Thai, fried wontons, and soup dumplings are some of the not to miss dishes. Other lesser known option like bun thit nuong is also worth a try.


Address – Salta 1050, C1103ACY CABA, Argentina

Gonzalo Aramburu in his namesake restaurant with its elaborate and delectable 19-course menu has set an all new definition of best dining experience in town. The Chef trained under Masters Martín Berasategui and Joël Robuchon is known to serve dishes with foams, mousses, jellies, and spheres in their true originality.

Some typical dishes of the many served here includes the suckling pig with squash purée and mandarin sorbet; coral reef, a dish made of paper-thin crackers emulating the colours of marine life and filet mignon with Andean tubers and celeriac. So hop in and watch the Chef’s flamboyant and gastronomic techniques as they set the plate for you.

So set yourself to savour the traditional European gourmet with a South American twist. No matter how foodie you are you will never fall short of excellent gastronomic offering that is not limited to Argentina’s world-leading beef.

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