Most Popular Restaurants In Cordoba – A Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

The wonderful city of Cordoba has become a melting pot of rich traditional cuisines and impressive flavours. One can discover city’s hidden secrets and its distinctive gastronomic taste by dining at the award-winning popular restaurants in Cordoba.

The history of the region reflects in the food that find its roots from traditional Arab, Moorish and Moroccan flavours and spices. So, indulge your love for Spanish cuisines at these most popular restaurants in Cordoba.

popular restaurants in Cordoba

Here are six places for the best culinary experience in Cordoba.


Address – Calle Alcalá Zamora, 5, 14006 Córdoba, Spain

If you want to have the best gastronomic experience in southern Spain, head to this restaurant. You can enjoy Mediterranean, European, Spanish cuisines which come with the beautiful and innovative presentation.

Friendly staff, exquisite food presenting with imagination and style, a theatrical performance makes it the best restaurant in Cordoba. Furthermore, the 12-course tasting menu is a must try here which reflects the talent and artistry of the chef.

Noor Restaurant

Address – Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 8, 14014 Córdoba, Spain

If you are in Cordoba, you have to visit this restaurant for an amazing culinary experience. It offers various options ranging from European, Spanish, Mediterranean, vegetarian, gluten-free to vegan.

The restaurant boasts of its amazing architecture, exquisite food, fantastic selection of accompanying drinks, exceptional service and amazing attention to details. In fact, from the moment you enter this restaurant a feeling of being pampered flows over you.

Casa Pepe de la Juderia

Address – Calle Romero, 1, 14003 Córdoba, Spain

For a truly amazing dining experience, head to Casa Pepe de la Juderia restaurant. It has a well-prepared menu that serves Spanish, contemporary, vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options. It is a great place to sample some of the regional dishes of Cordoba.

Moreover, the restaurant enjoys the reputation of successfully functioning since 1930. This ancient yet beautiful building is built around a patio and adorned with contemporary art paintings. The rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the surroundings and overlooks the Mosque-Cathedral.

El Envero

Address – Calle Teruel, 21, 14011 Córdoba, Spain

This amazing restaurant is situated in the relatively new residential area, but it is absolutely worth a visit. It bags the title of being one of the most stylish restaurants in the city. It is on a little expensive side but that should no way stop you from visiting this food paradise.

The menu keeps changing regularly to incorporate the best of dishes and keeping in mind the taste of its guests. It is an extremely professional restaurant with classy ambience and some top-notch food. It is the perfect place to have an enjoyable dining experience with your loved one.

Bodegas Campos

Address – Calle Lineros, 32, 14002 Córdoba, Spain

Bodegas Campos has everything from lounges to patios and reserved spaces to make your dining experience a unique one. It serves Mediterranean, Spanish, vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free options to its guests.

The restaurant is awarded several times for its deliciously prepared traditional cuisine from different regions of Cordoba. This is a perfect place for everyone, whether you are looking to have a full course meal or just want to relax and sip on a glass of beer or wine.


Address – C/ Compositor Serrano Lucena, 14, 14010 Córdoba, Spain

Whether you want to sample Spanish, Contemporary, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food, it is all on the menu at Choco restaurant. Not only this, it has an excellent wine menu on the house. Moreover, the restaurant ensures the outstanding culinary experience for a very reasonable price.

The chef Kisko Garcia presents a unique amalgamation of traditional food, modern techniques and refined flavours. So head to Choco restaurant for a wonderful gastronomical experience.

So this is our pick of the most popular restaurants in Cordoba. Leave us a comment in the section below if this article was helpful for you.

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