The Best Cities In Argentina For The First Time Visitor

A large elongated country in the southern part of South America is climatically an amalgamation of temperate Pampas, desserts of Cuyo and the chilliness of Andes. Argentina has a mix of terrain from rich plains to the jungles to the rugged mountains to some great cities in Argentina. This makes Argentina a major attraction for diversified tourists.

cities in argentina - Buenos Aires

Let’s have a looks at the must visit cities in Argentina from a first time tourist point of view.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Argentina and the departure point for travelling to the rest of the country. Begin with the final resting places of rich families in Buenos Aires at The Cementerio de la Recoleta and be sure to visit the tomb of Eva Perón.

For a great night-time excursion visit The Palermo Viejo district which is a trendy neighborhood with charming cobblestone streets, bookstores, bars, and boutiques. Though crowded, San Telmo is a place to be at on Sunday nights. Here be part of a tango performance in the lovely plaza organized specifically for tourists. Apart from this if you wish to rejuvenate from the day long tour then not to miss the promenade in Palermo and take a walk in the green open space here.


The capital of the Cordoba Province, Cordoaba is known for its colonial buildings in the center and the beautiful hills embracing the surroundings and make one of the best cities in Argentina.

Some of the many churches the city boasts are the neo-gothic Iglesia Sagrado Corazón, Iglesia de Santa Catalina de Siena and an interesting pink building of Monasterio de Santa Teresa are a must visit. Take up a historical journey as you visit these museums- Museo Histórico Marqués de Sobremonte, Museo Histórico de la Universidad, Museo Colonial Hispanoamericano.


Located in the desert Cuyo region, Mendoza forms the center of the world renowned Argentinian wine industry. Its close proximity to the highest mountain outside Himalayas makes it an attraction for the ski lovers. Of the many must see sights the top picks include the sunset view of the city and the mountains from the Parque San Martín Park.

Book yourself a wine tasting tour especially during the harvesting season in March and April. Apart from this take a visit to the Plaza Independencia and Plaza España, the most bustling squares of town. Once home to artist Fernando Fade, Casa de Fade is a historic house museum from 1890.


The capital of the Salta province in Argentina, Salta has a decent inter and intra city transport to get in and around. Now housing the Museo Histórico del Norte is the old little town of Cabildo. Get close to the three scary live like Incas ‘Llullaillaco Children’ found frozen at the peak of Mount Llullaillaco.

At Museo Antropológico witness the long flourished indigenous cultures of Argentina. The city also offers activities like free walking tours, horse riding, paragliding, Tandem Jumps and much more.

Mar del Plata

The city of Mar del Plata is all about crowded beaches in the summers of December through March and calmness of winters. The Museo del Mar features tens of thousands of sea shells collected from around the world.

Other than this one can make a visit to Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia- a natural science museum, or take a walk with over 300 species of exotic and domestic animals at Zoológico El Paraíso.


The port town of Rosario is the liberal hub of the country where you will find an eclectic mix of activists, street performers, artists, and party-goers. The city can be easily reached by air and road.

The top sights include the Monumento a la Bandera (Argentina Flag Memorial), Parque Independencia Park, Rosario Central Stadium, Paseo del Siglo, Paseo del Caminante and a historical journey through the boulevards, appreciating the city’s architectural wealth.

All in all Argentina is a pack full of cultural dance form like Tango, natural beauty of the hills, uniqueness of the sea shell museum and wildlife at the zoo. If that’s not it to make you visit this country then the mummies from the Salta are all set to give your wanderlust a call.

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